3 Tips to overcome weakness and lethargy in the early days of fasting

Entering the month of fasting, it is important that you keep your body fresh and energized every day. Indeed, when it is lived, fasting feels easier and refreshing. But in the first days of fasting, the body tends to be weak and imvigorous.

3 Tips to overcome weakness and lethargy in the early days of fasting
3 Tips to overcome weakness and lethargy in the early days of fasting

Why is the weakness when fasting is usually the most severe in the first days, huh? Is there a way to avoid it? Well, see the complete information about the Limus body when fasting below.

Why is the early fasting of the body feeling more weak?
When you run a fast worship, the body does not get any nutrients for hours after Suhur. In fact, the body needs carbohydrates to be processed so sugar. Then the sugar will be processed into your fuel or energy source throughout the day (4).

However, according to an expert on endocrine and metabolic systems Dr. David McCulloch, this energy source only lasts a few hours after you eat (4). This is why in the day and evening your body starts to lose energy and you are limthing.

Don't worry, the body is able to adjust to your dietary changes during fasting (1). The body will begin to read your new habits, that is, it will not get the carbohydrate intake anymore until the time breaking the fast. Thus, the body will store sugar in a longer time than usual. If when you are not fasting, the sugar from Kabohydrate is immediately burned within a few hours, the time of sugar fasting will be burned slowly, that is until it is time to break.

However, this adjustment can not happen in the blink of an eye. The body takes a few days or even a week to adapt to this process (1). So, usually you will only feel tired and weak in the beginning of the fasting month.

Essential nutrients when open and suhur so as not to weakness during fasting

To prevent the body limden during fasting, especially in the first days of Ramadan, make sure your body is getting the following important nutrients intake.

1. Complex carbohydrates

When Suhur, consume complex carbohydrate consumption rather than simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are more sugar-containing while complex carbohydrates contain more fiber and yeast (7).

By consuming complex carbohydrates, the process of processing carbohydrates into energy sources lasts longer. So, your body can last for hours before breaking the fast without any more carbohydrate intake in the day or evening. To strengthen the complex carbohydrate intake of whole wheat products, vegetables, fruits, and nuts (7).

2. Zinc substances

As described by a clinical nutritionist from United States Dr. Josh Axe, zinc or also known as zinc substances is indispensable for processing carbohydrates in the body. If you are deficient in zinc, the carbohydrates you consume when Suhur will be difficult to change into energy sources (3). As a result, you will feel weak during the day fast.

To do so, make sure you meet the intake of zinc in Suhur and Iftar. Choose a menu rich in zinc like beef or goat. However, eating meat when Suhur and open only not enough for the needs of zinc in a day. So if necessary, when sowing and iftar you can take a supplement that is rich in zinc.

3. Vitamin C

The body as fast as fasting can also be caused by the weakening of the endurance (5). Because, when fasting the body does not get as much nutritional intake and as complete as usually. As a result the endurance system is difficult to keep you healthy. One way to keep endurance is to consume vitamin C.

Therefore, do not forget to consume vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C such as guava, red chili, and broccoli. If necessary, you can also take supplements that already contain vitamin C and zinc after eating Suhur, or after breaking the fast. This can help you maintain stamina in the early days of fasting and throughout the month of Ramadan.

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