4 Night sports in fasting month after Tarawih

Fasting is not the reason for your lazy exercise. If your body is too weak in the morning and afternoon so it is not energized to exercise, then change your physical activity routine so at night. The night sport can help you take off the stress and clear the mind of everything happening during the day. And not only that. A 2011 study reported that people who exercise for 35 minutes before bedtime, then sleep will be more restful.

4 Night sports in fasting month after Tarawih
4 Night sports in fasting month after Tarawih

What kind of night exercise is the best fast for your body?
If you want to exercise during the fasting month, there are several types of sports that you can do at night after breaking the fast or even after running Tarawih prayers. Record Well, yes!

1. Yoga

Yoga teaches you to align the rhythm of the breath with its movements, as well as the body with the mind. This is why yoga can pose a feeling of peace and happiness for those who do

When you are in yoga, you increase serotonin hormone, oxytocin, and GABA levels on the body. All of these hormones are chemical reactions that are responsible for making your body and mind happy. Practicing yoga can also reduce blood pressure, cortisol in the body, as well as stress hormones.

2. Mild cardio

The cardio exercises before bedtime can burn calories and trim fat. The research team at Duke University even concluded that the effectiveness of aerobic activity to lose weight far beats strength training — such as push-ups, squats, or lifting weights.

Some light cardio sports that you can do in the evening before bedtime, including night cycling, aerobic gymnastics follow instructor instructions on TV (via Youtube or a gymnastics DVD), jumping rope, heaving stairs, and burpees. For example, try doing a burpees for one minute and 30 seconds of rest, and repeat five times. You can also continue running on-site for 60 seconds and a two-minute break.

The cardio is cumulative, so you can do a short cardio session at night before bedtime and then continue in the morning, instead of doing one long training session that makes you fast exhausted.

3. Strength Training

Strength training is a type of physical exercise that specializes in the use of endurance to trigger muscle contraction to build strength, anaerobic endurance, and body skeletal muscle size. There are many ways to do strength training at home, from utilizing the power of your own body (push-ups, squats, plank, pull-ups, etc.), to using a load aid (barbell, dumbell, or paint cans) to train biceps muscles.

Experts recommend that we do 8 to 10 types of strength exercises for 2 days a week or more, if you are able. If in doubt to start from where, you can follow this simple guide:

20 times push up
20 seconds Elbow Plank
20 seconds plank sideways to the left
20 seconds plank sideways to the right
20 times Squats
20 times lunge, alternating sides
20 times Jump Squats

4. Walking distance

Routine walk three times a week is able to burn 350 calories. Walking for 15 minutes after a meal can increase the metabolism of the body, thus helping to improve your digestion and prevent indigestion such as ulcer or constipation.

Walking is also able to increase the hormone endorphins in the brain that make ourselves feel better. Then it's no surprise that walking can help fight depression. And not only that, walk as an alternative to the night sport when fasting is also good for cardiovascular health. The reason is that walking routines proved to help improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Don't forget enough food intake and cooling the body
To make the night sport when your fast is quite effective, there are a few things that you should not miss. First, night sports should not be done adjacent to bedtime in order not to disturb the quality of sleep. If you want to exercise after tarawih prayers, set aside your spare time two to three hours before going to sleep to exercise and give it about an hour to restore from physical activity before you go to bed.

Secondly, be sure to recharge your workouts with high nutritious food. If you exercise and then directly sleep without eating anything, your body will not have enough nutrients to repair damaged muscle tissues.

Lastly, don't forget about cooling after exercising. Do a good body stretching after the night workout while fasting, and blend in with meditation sessions and deep breathing techniques before bedtime so you can sleep faster.

Be sure also to sleep at least seven or eight hours for optimal body recovery. Irregular sleep patterns inhibit the body's ability to burn fat and build muscle. Not to mention, lack of sleep will drain your energy the next day, especially if you are fasting.

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