5 Tips to keep fasting while you're fever

Fever is a condition when the body temperature is above the number 38 degrees Celsius. Fever is part of an immune process that is fighting against infections caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites. So, what if you still run fasting during fever? In this article you will find some tips for fasting during fever.

5 Tips to keep fasting while you're fever
5 Tips to keep fasting while you're fever

How to run fasting during fever?

Although sometimes alarming, high fever does not necessarily indicate that you suffer from a serious illness. Fever often found in cases of child infections is often harmless. In fact, fever is a sign that the immune system is attempting to fight the infection.

Actually when you are sick, you are not allowed to fast. The sick will usually get waivers from the religious side (you can ask the religious experts). However, if you still want to do fast worship during fever, there are a few things you should look out for.

Although fever is a sign that the immune system is working against viruses, bacteria, fungi, or anything else that enters the body. However, you need to control fever so you feel comfortable, especially when you still want to run fasting during fever. Well, what are some things you must do when fasting during a fever? Here are some tips.

1. Adequate fluid intake needs

Make sure you meet your fluid intake needs. Why is it important? Because when the fever of the body will rise in temperature so that your body will feel hot. This is when the fluid in the body is evaporated and the body is easily dehydrated.

Avoid dehydration by drinking a lot of water from the breaking time until before the Imsyak. You are not allowed to drink ice or cold water, because it can cause severe fever. It's good that you prefer drinking warm water. You can use the formula 2-4-2, two cups during fasting break, four glasses at night, and two glasses at the time of the Sahur.

2. Warm water Compress

Compress is a commonly performed action when fever. However, compresses will not effectively lower body temperature if using cold water. If someone fever, the recommended is a warm water compress, not cold. It is to move the heat temperature on the body. The body parts that you can compress are the forehead and armpit.

3. Avoid using thick clothes

Avoid wearing thick blankets and warm clothes, as it inhibits the process of heat removal from the body. Even if you feel cold during fever, your body temperature is very high, and you have to lower it to make your body warmer.

Let your body emit excessive heat by wearing thin clothes and covering the body with a blanket or a thin cloth if needed. Wearing warm clothes and blankets can be very dangerous when you fever because it can make your body temperature become increasingly high.

4. Pay attention to food and Suhur
You can put fruits in the menu breaking the fast or your suhur like watermelon and oranges. These fruits are rich in vitamin C content, which can fight infections and decrease fever.

These fruits will also satisfy your body's fluid needs. Avoid greasy and fatty foods like fried while breaking the fast. You should also avoid spicy food for a while.

5. Medicine

Fever with a temperature that is not too high and does not last long usually does not require a fever-lowering drug. But to overcome the discomfort of the body, there are some fever-lowering drugs that can be purchased freely at the drugstore. Use this heat-lowering drug when the fever is over 38 degrees Celsius or more.

You can choose paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin, or antibiotics. Note the packaging label or you can inquire about the details of the drug to the pharmacist. You can take medication when breaking the fast or sowing time.  It is recommended to see a doctor if the fever temperature is higher or does not improve after three days.

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