Rules of safe fasting during first Trimester pregnancy

Fasting during pregnancy is usually okay. But what about early pregnancy or if the pregnancy condition is still in the first trimester?

Rules of safe fasting during first Trimester pregnancy
Rules of safe fasting during first Trimester pregnancy

According to research conducted by Colombia University by census in the U.S., Iraq, and Uganda, it is found that pregnant women who fast tend to have smaller babies or born under normal weight. The little baby also tends to be prone to learning when large. So, is the fasting when the first trimester pregnant is recommended from the medical side? This is the answer.

Pregnant women need nutrients in early pregnancy

Researchers from Columbia University found that babies born under normal weight were most visible when pregnant women fasted at the beginning of their pregnancy and they did fasting during the summer when the day was brighter. That means the fast runs longer in the summer. This is very harmful to fetal health.

What about in Indonesia? Although it does not have a summer and a shorter fasting time than the Middle Eastern countries, is fasting when the first trimester of pregnancy is safe to do?

In the first trimester of pregnancy (1-13 weeks) generally pregnant mothers still face a series of complaints of pregnancy that is indeed natural occurring in these first months. Among them nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, and the body of the pregnant mother still adapt to the hormonal changes that are occurring.

Excessive vomiting in the early trimester may cause dehydration in pregnant women. While in the fetus can cause a lack of nutrients in. Whereas the nutrients are quite needed fetuses in the early period of formation, growth and enhancement of his organs.

In fact, there are no special restrictions to fasting pregnant women, although pregnant women are not obliged to fast and can replace them when they feel unwilling or worried about something on their baby (you can ask someone who More skilled in religion).

Before fasting while pregnant, consult a gynecologist first

However, this condition is different for every expectant mother, this needs to be ensured based on the test results. Preferably before deciding to fast, you must first check with the obstetrician about your condition and the fetus and ask if you can fast?

Some sources express the safest fasting when the content age is 4-7 months. Less than 4 months are worried that there is still vulnerable to miscarriage, while more than 7 months you usually feel tired and need more food intake.

Lack of fluid or dehydration can cause contraction, therefore if pregnant women fast then there are contractions or other complaints, you should consider to immediately stop fasting and go to the doctor to seek help.

In conclusion, take your content to the obstetrician, and ask the obstetrician if you are allowed to be fast or not. The obstetrician will advise according to the condition of pregnant and fetal mothers. When allowed to fast, pay attention to your nutritional intake to keep healthy and the fetus can develop well.

Fasting safety Tips during first trimester pregnancy

  • Consider the adequacy of nutrition consumed. Although fasting nutrient intake that should be pregnant mothers get is 50% carbohydrate, 25% protein, 10-15% healthy fats, do not forget the intake of vitamins and minerals.
  • Pay attention to your weight gain before and while it is undergoing fasting. Weight loss most likely increases the risk to the fetus. Maintain weight and consult a doctor on schedule.
  • Checking your pregnancy to find out your fetus can adapt to nutritional intake in the fasting month. As long as you fast does not mean your fetus is joining, the intake of all day is very important you notice in the time of Suhur and Berbuka.
  • Choice of the right menu when open or soaring so it is beneficial for fetal development such as dates, spinach, salmon, broccoli, kale, and chicken.
  • Set the rest well so it does not lead to stress and disrupt your health.
  • Do not continue fasting if your condition shows less good conditions such as nausea, dizziness, excessive weakness and others.

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