Benefits and side effects of Chia Seeds for pregnant women, must know!

Chia seeds are starting to be trending after some dietician and nutritional experts say if seeds are very good for health. The content of fiber, omega-3, to its protein is good for anyone, especially those who are running a diet. By consuming these chia seeds routinely, weight loss can decrease slowly.

Benefits and side effects of Chia Seeds for pregnant women, must know!
Benefits and side effects of Chia Seeds for pregnant women, must know!

Benefits of chia seeds for pregnant women

Chia seeds does provide quite a lot of benefits to the body. However, are pregnant mothers able to consume them? The answer is can. Chia seeds contain quite a lot of nutrients. Here are some benefits of Chia seeds for pregnant women.

Launching defecation

One of the problems most commonly experienced by pregnant women is constipation. Considerable pressure in the stomach causes gastrointestinal disorders. If you are often experiencing the problem of bowel movements during pregnancy, it is good to eat fiber foods.

One of the fiber foods it is chia seeds. You can consume chia seeds with the right amount. Don't get too much and don't have too little. Make sure the chia seed is not in fresh condition or if it can be eaten for a while.

Increase production of red blood cells

Women who are pregnant will be susceptible to anemia. Moreover, blood needs also increase because there is a fetus that is being conceived. The best way to solve this problem is to consume foods with high iron content. In addition, you can also consume chia seeds.

If the amount of red blood in the body increases, the circulation of food juices can run smoothly. In addition, you will not have problems with the body that is often weak and difficult to do various types of activities.

Increases bone strength and fetal bones

In the chia seeds there are also calcium in many quantities. This calcium will help you in maintaining the health of bones and teeth. Not only for myself, but also the fetus that is being conceived. So, consumption of chia seeds in sufficient quantities every day for fetal development to run smoothly.

Make full longer

Fiber content owned by chia seeds will make pregnant women not easy to loose. During this time pregnant women have a more likely appetite. However, eating too much is also potentially cause interference to the body such as excessive obesity and triggering problems with the fetus.

Omega-3 sources other than fish

One of the nutrients needed by babies is omega-3. Nutrition is good for brain growth. During this time the pregnant women get a lot of omega-3 from fatty sea fish like salmon or tuna. However, you can also get it from a cheaper source like chia seeds.

Meet the needs of omega-3 by consuming chia seeds regularly. Balance with nutrients given with obstetrician and other omega-3 sources so that the absorption of nutrients can be maximal and fetus can benefit.

Keeping blood sugar during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women will tend to have a blood sugar buildup inside the body. This buildup of blood sugar can trigger a woman to experience gestational diabetes. This type of Diabetes is very dangerous for pregnant women and the fetus that is being conceived.

The best way to prevent gestational diabetic conditions is to prevent food from entering the body. Consuming chia seeds is also one that can be done. Daily consumption, mix in juice or food.

Chia seeds side effects in pregnant women

Although it has a lot of benefits, we still recommended to be more careful in consuming chia seeds, let alone are pregnant. Here are some side effects of chia seeds to watch out for.

Can trigger diarrhea

Something exaggerated is not good for health including chia seeds. Especially when consuming it you are pregnant. Of course there will be some shortcomings to be gained. One that should be wary of is diarrhea and abdominal conditions that are uncomfortable.

Chia seeds contain quite a lot of good fiber for launching defecation. However, if pregnant women eat too much, the stomach will not be comfortable. Many fibers will make the gas produced by the fermentation of the bacteria so increase. Pressure from gases and large uterus can make a strain and trigger diarrhea.

React with certain medications

Although generally consuming chia seeds safe for pregnant women, we still need to be vigilant. Especially if every day pregnant women should take certain medicines. The likelihood of a reaction will be great. Consult the problem of this drug with a doctor or better avoid first chia seeds until the process of childbirth is done.

Possible chokes

Chia seeds can produce slime that is quite a lot when exposed to water. If you consume chia in wet condition, the seeds are likely to be slippery enough. When consuming it slowly and make sure it is chewed. If not so, seeds could just make you choke.

Possibility of triggering allergies

Not everyone is suitable for consuming grains including chia seeds. If you don't know if you have allergies or not, try eating some seeds. Feel the changes that happen to the body. If there is a negative thing like the stomach so uncomfortable, you could be experiencing allergies or poisoning.

Chia seeds is one of the seeds that has many benefits. However, before consuming it we are advised to know the possible side effects that will be obtained. If the side effects will be small, anyone can eat it is no exception to pregnant women. Have you ever consumed chia seeds before?

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