Obey 8 These Pantangan to quickly heal from Tipes pain

When you are sick of tipes, you generally have to take a total break either at home or hospitalized at the hospital for quick recovery. Well while undergoing treatment, there are some restrictions that should be adhered to so that your tipes disease is not getting worse. What are some things to avoid when tipes?

Obey 8 These Pantangan to quickly heal from Tipes pain
Obey 8 These Pantangan to quickly heal from Tipes pain

when tipes are sick that must be obeyed

Tipes or typhoid fever are diseases caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria. Everyone could be exposed to tipes, but anak-anaklah the most vulnerable. In any case, tipes often occur in dirty environments and the water sanitation is poor.

Bacteria causes Tipes to enter the body through contaminated food and beverages. In addition, you can also be infected from direct contact, such as by touching the feces of the sick tipes. 

Symptoms of tipes can generally heal themselves over time by taking pain reliever and resting medications. Doctors will also occasionally prescribe certain antibiotics that should be drunk regularly. Nevertheless, taking medication alone is not necessarily enough to make bacteria die and cure you from illness.

Without proper treatment, you may still carry Salmonella typhii bacteria in the body even though the symptoms are no longer felt. If so, the risk of tipes to relapse again in the next few months is still high. You can also transmit the bacteria causing tipes to others.

So to be able to recover completely without the risk of relapse anymore, obey some of the restrictions during this tipes. 

1. Do not carelessly

Although it is sick, the desire to snack in the street vendors may still be there. Moreover, street food is often more appetizing than "sick food", such as porridge.

However, a snack recklessly become the most major and first dietary restrictions when you ache tipes. This is also an even need to continue after you heal once. 

Buying recklessly is forbidden because you never know how the trader prepares cooking, serves his cuisine, until he cleans his equipment. You also can't tell if it's washing your hands or the groceries it's wearing is really healthy and fresh or not. 

Unhygienic food and beverages are the cause of tipes. They can be more severe when tipes may further intensified their symptoms. Salmonella bacteria can live and move into food from the hands of people with contaminated feces. 

2. Eat raw foods

Eating raw or undercooked foods is a dietary that should be avoided when you are exposed to tipes. The reason is that the food can contain bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and listeria that can make the infection worse.

Generally, do not eat the following foods it is still sick tipes:

The fruits and vegetables are not washed and cooked, especially those whose fruit has no skin or cannot be peeled.

  • Vegetable Salad or uncultivated fruit
  • Milk and other unpasteurised dairy products
  • Raw or half-baked meat
  • Mussels or raw prawns
  • Raw fish, sushi, and sashimi

Wash clean and cook every groceries until cooked perfectly. Make sure you also clean the cooking utensils such as cutting board, knives, and spoon and fork before use.

Once used to process raw or meat food, you must wash the cutlery again before use to process other raw materials.

Make sure to wash all raw fruits and vegetables with boiled and clean water before consumption.

3. Drink water recklessly

While still subject to tipes, avoid drinking untreated white water e.g. tap water or a gallon of water refills retail packaging.

Eating a drink that is sold just at the roadside or drinking water that is not clear source from which can make your tipes worse because of the risk of contaminated by Salmonella typhi bacteria. Abstinence was also a cold drink that used ice cubes while outdoors.

You are advised to only drink boiled water, bottled water, or bottled soft drinks. Use also boiled water when the gargle wears off brushing. Try not to swallow the raw water while in the bathroom.

4. Drink caffeinated drinks

High caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, and brown abstinence are consumed during tipes. The reason is that caffeinated drinks are diuretic which makes you more frequent urination. 

If your tipes symptoms are also accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, drinking this drink can increase the risk of dehydration. 

5. Having sex

Intercourse also includes the restrictions that must be complied with while you are still sick of tipes.

Sex is forbidden because Salmonella Typhi bacteria cause easily contagious tipes to healthy individuals through direct contact through feces, sometimes urine, as well as hardcore-oral sex.

6. Not wash your hands after toilet

You should not forget to wash your hands after and before from the toilet during the sick tipes. The reason is that the salmonella bacteria in your body can move into your hands from the feces after a bowel movement.

When you touch and use other objects after the toilet, the bacteria can move to other healthy people touching the objects you touch.

It is important to directly wash your hands after the toilet is used to prevent tipes. 

7. Activity too heavy

Your doctor usually encourages you to leave your work or school absence in order to be able to break as much as possible at home. During this time, you abstain from activity too heavily because it can slow down the healing process of tipes.

Your body takes time and energy to fight Salmonella typhii bacteria. In addition, sleep and rest at home can help repair cells and tissues of the body damaged due to bacterial infections. So this can speed up recovery of your tipes pain. 

Resting at home can also prevent the spread of sore tipes to others in your school, home environment, or workplace. So, the abatness of this tipes is very mandatory for you to obey.

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